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STP holds classes for students ranging from 4 years old to adult and the classes run September through May. We produce 8 regular season productions and our off season productions include, a summer production, a staff/TTA production, and an adult class production.  

Our mission is to reach students for Christ through the medium of Musical Theatre.  Every production is carefully prayed over from the Script, to the Director, to the Directorial Staff, Sets, Costumes, and Volunteer Team.  Students spend time each week in devotion and prayer at the beginning of class. Our Executive Director writes our weekly devotion after prayerfully considering what the Lord would want to teach the students for the week.  Students are learning how to expand their faith, memorize the Word of God, and depend on His strength for the challenging task of memorizing songs and lines for their roles in their productions. They learn public speaking skills and how to process excitement and disappointment in a safe environment.  They learn that performing on the stage and using their gifts and abilities is great. But, learning that performing for an audience of one, and keeping Him at the center of their experience, is what truly matters most!